Tal & Bert

Sorbet Candle


Fragrance- A bright & cheerful candle. A fresh & sweet blend featuring light notes of papaya mingles with vanilla, mango and a rich blend of spices.

our hand casted vessel with our signature geode look created using green calcite crystals and 22k gold leaf. A natural soy- blend wax is used and a custom fragrance blend is created for this candle. Lovely combination of neon blue, green, yellow, pink and purple to create this vessel

This material is a composite that mimics concrete. This materials are water based making them kinder to the environment. It uses ingredients which are sourced through local supply chains to keep CO2 emissions and carbon footprint to a minimum.

- no harsh chemicals in this candle

Small | 6 oz candles
4” (w) x 2.5” (h)

Large | 9 oz candles
4.75” (w) x 2.5” (h)

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