Wear Brims

Black Graduation Cap" Summa Cum Laude Edition"


The Graduation Cap was inspired by the lyricist and mogul, Jay-Z. These lyrics resonated with us and eloquently described our journey with WearBrims. Our 'school of Hard Knocks' was us starting our brand from scratch, getting told "no" a lot, spending a lot of money perfecting our craft, and a couple of low moments. We have come to a point now where we have made it through those tough periods and continue to strive and grow. This baseball cap is our "Graduation Cap" in the same way that Jay'z blue Yankee cap, is Hov's.

  • Premium Wool Blend
  • Brown Leather strap with metal buckle closure
  • Curved brim
  • Embroidered logo
  • Summa Cum Laude Patch
  • I AM MORE, I AM ENOUGH embroidered 
  • Woven label w/ embroidered Edge

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