Tal & Bert

Cross Hatch Concrete Candle


Our Cross Hatch Concrete Candle combines modern design & industrial looks. This casted concrete candle features a hand painted liquid gold leaf pattern across the surface. Each candle comes with a natural wood wick to give the perfect homey feels. Once our have burned the candle, turn the vessel into a planter for your cactus or succulent! 

Size | 8.2 oz

Burn Time | 48+ hours 

S C E N T S 

Citra Bourbon- This custom blend aroma takes sweet honey and rich bourbon with a slight fruity, spicy note of orange, grapefruit & clove. We finish it off with a cool, crisp note of eucalyptus rounded out with rosemary. This elegant aroma is sure to enhance your living soace!

Flora Gardenia- an aroma garden of crisp, clean florals to clean up your living space. A luxe combo for florals containing the oils of peonies, magnolias, Lily of the Valley, rose petals, jasmine & honeysuckle is combined with notes of fresh linen, juniper & patchouli. This floral candle is one you’ll never want to stop burning.

Sunrise Mimosa- This unique custom blended scent is sure to entice your senses. Mandarin orange and champagne blend with mimosa blossoms and a touch of coconut. We then combined it with a captivating blend of honey, spices, and sweet tobacco leaves, with a smooth woody base. This cozy fragrance has a rich sweetness that can summon the fondest memories.


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