Blackmarzian Jewelry

Glitchweaver Headcrest


For those who glitch their way through realities. This ornament is designed/works specifically for natural Black hair.

 "A glitch is an error in a system. An untimely transient fault. An unintended event that promptly reveals new possibilities both in and outside of precalculated domains. A Glitchweaver questions the temporal code of the worlds they inhabit through intentional glitching of their systems in ways that acknowledge the sanctities of spacetime. By honoring the glitch in its use, Glitchweavers expand the known temporal constraints of what forms, relationships & realities they interact with, to an extent where some Glitchweavers could be likened to wormholes with human characteristics . . ."

Made to order. 20 gauge brass metal with brass rivets. This headcrest is shipped in a domed shape, and may be further bent by you to your liking. It is intended for use with 0.5" or longer Type 4/kinky/nappy hair types. The tighter your curl, the better it will hold in your hair. Works best in slightly damp or dry hair.

Note: This headcrest style will not adhere to straight hair. May be used with dreadlocks depending on how much new growth is present (0.5" minimum recommended).

Comes with instructions for how to adjust it, as well as a polishing pad. Should you need additional assistance with adjustment, please reach out to me at - I will be eager to guide you.

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