Incense Sticks


A line of sustainably-grown, organic, herbal and resin Incense Sticks that is 100% natural! None of that saw dust by-product "hand-dipped" in a fragrance oil, synthetics and stretching chemical most commonly known as DPG.

Partnering with the lovely Hazel and her decades of family incense recipes and rituals to create a unique incense line made from scratch using all natural ingredients, such as herbs, barks, gums and resin. 100% raw bamboo stick.

Each pack contains 12 x 4 inch sticks, with about a half hour burn time each.



Rose: Red Roses, White Sandalwood, Makko, Acacia Gum

Lavender: Lavender Flowers, White Sandalwood, Makko, Acacia Gum

Sage: White Sage, Mullein, Makko, Acacia Gum

Patchouli: Patchouli Leaf, White Sandalwood, Makko, Acacia Gum

White Sandalwood: White Sandalwood, Makko, Acacia Gum

Palo Santo: Palo Santo, White Sandalwood

Copal: Black Copal Resin, White Sandalwood, Makko, Acacia Gum

Dragons Blood: Dragons Blood Resin, Aloeswood, White Sandalwood, Makko, Acacia Gum

Meditate: Benzoin Resin, Dragons Blood Resin, White Sandalwood, Makko, Acacia Gum

Temple Blend: Himalayan Cedar, White Sage, Frankincense Resin, Makko, Acacia Gum


*Makko comes from the inner Bark from the Tabu-Noki tree. A charcoal like burning agent.

*Acacia Gum excuses from certain trees, such as the Acacia Senegal tree. A binding agent.

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