Tal & Bert

Manifest That Shit Candle


You don’t need to chase, you attract. Manifesting everything good in life & your greatness. Eliminate any doubt, and replace it with the expectation that you will receive what you manifested! This candle has a Quartz crystal in the top to really get those manifestations going & positive energy.


This fragrance is a powerful, captivating impression of opulence with its luxurious blend of sandal wood & amber that mingles with sweet vanilla and light florals. This aroma has subtle top notes of citrus & verbena. This aroma is like anything else you’ve smelled and the perfect scent for all your manifesting


Our sassy convos candle line features custom blended aromas that are intricate & captivating that is sure to wow your customers. This funny phrases are such a fun gift idea. They are poured in heavy weight, high quality glasses. Our candles feature a natural wooden wick. 

Size | 8.6 oz

Burn Time | 45+ hours 


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