Kicky Mats

Virtual Mat Party




Our private virtual parties are the perfect way to celebrate any special event or just get together with your peeps for a good time. It is a paint party like no other because you get a chance to paint your very own custom doormat! 
-There is a 2 person minimum 
-You should book at least 10 days before the day you would like to receive your mat boxes on time.
-Your entire party must have access to Zoom in order to toon in to the Zoom video call.
Deposit: $150 (NONREFUNDABLE, goes towards your booking) 
3-9 individuals: $50 per person
10-100 individuals: $40 per person
100+ individuals: $35 per person
Each mat box will include all materials needed:
Paint Brush
How to book:
-Book date online
-Pay deposit
-Remainder will be due within two days of booking unless otherwise agreed upon.
-Once you book, you will be contacted to provide payment, list of names, addresses, mat options, and paint colors.
How it works:
-All materials will be shipped to your front door.
-Each party will be able to choose three designs.
-All members of your party will be given the zoom link for your party.
-We will get on a Zoom call and paint the mat together.
-All parties include drinking games and music. If you want specific artists, please let us know beforehand.
-At the end we will all take a group photo showing off our amazing new doormats.
***If you are interested in securing the stencil down for an easier painting experience, you may use tape or thumbtacks. These are not required or provided.

 ***Party Times at booking are in CST (Central Standard Time)***


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