Jessica Rich Official Debut Collaboration with Founder Zerina Akers


Jessica Rich Has Officially Made her Debut on Black Owned Everything

by: Rashidah Young

There's no better shoe candy than a pair of Jessica Rich luxury heels that are incredibly modern and brilliantly constructed. Black Owned Everything is excited to announce our latest collaboration with the emerging footwear designer who has reached explosive success.

Rich, who originally started with a design in her New York hotel room 6 years ago, has transformed into a shoe tycoon with A-list celebrities like JLO, Cardi B and Kylie Jenner all wearing her shoes for numerous red-carpet appearances and events.

Her stunning shoes which exude rich girl vibes, can be purchased at a fraction of the cost. “I design for the ‘It Girls’ along with girls who may not always have the money to spend on just one pair of luxury designer shoes,” expressed Rich. 


The Jessica Rich brand offers a wide assortment of jaw-dropping styles for under $300 that are innovative and quality driven. When she initially broke out onto the scene, Rich was known for being one of the first to create the Cinderella inspired clear heel as it didn’t exist at the time. 

From her #1 ‘Fancy’ stiletto, to here new and improved ‘ZAZA’ stiletto, and styles like the ‘Racy’ mule and ‘Love’ platform, the enterprising shoe mogul has expanded her collection to cater to all lifestyles.

In fact, Jessica’s last name ‘Rich,’ which is a part of her brand name, slogans, and used for some of her shoe names like the ‘Rich sandal,’ is all about a lifestyle. She explained, “The term ‘rich’ is not always about being financially rich, but rather about if you’re healthy, happy, and you genuinely feel good, and I want women to feel rich all the time.”

 How could one not feel rich in her 4 ½ inch heels that have the delicate components of satin and jewel embellishments with modern shapes and silhouettes? It’s quite impossible, which is why LaLa Anthony endorsed her brand and contributed with awarding Jessica Rich the Footwear for the ‘New Emerging Designer’ of the year award last November.

The road to success for Jessica wasn’t always smooth sailing. In fact, she initially encountered many setbacks when she first started out. “As I look back, I overcame a lot of struggles of trying to prove myself as a black woman and despite having celebrity endorsements, it took time before Magazines like ‘Elle’ featured me,” explained Rich. “When the industry thought that I would be a one-hit wonder and they kept seeing my face, it was a moment of finally being accepted and I had to prove myself through hard-work and determination,” Rich further elaborated.

As a designer who’s constantly looking to reinvent herself, Rich has partnered with Singer Cassie on marketing campaigns to expand her reach. She also takes the initiative to walk various stores on the weekend to do her homework and gain insight on what’s missing in the shoe department.  Despite finding duplicates of her shoe designs at different department stores, one thing for sure, is that other shoes don’t have the Jessica Rich flare to it.

As a pioneer in the footwear industry, Jessica Rich latest collaboration with Black Owned Everything feels more appropriate now than ever before. Jessica Rich met the CEO of Black Owned Everything, Zerina Akers back in 2017 and the rest has been history.  

“To be a part of Zerina Aker’s Black Owned Everything website is a dream come true because she’s such an iconic stylist and she will 1000% go down in history as one of the Top 10 across the whole fashion industry,” exclaimed Rich.

Jessica Rich aspires to be a household name like Jessica Simpson and Steve Madden however from the looks of it, she’s on her way to surpass shoe designers who have come fourth before her. Her creative mastermind and ability to turn concepts into reality is what continues to set Jessica Rich apart from the rest.

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“The term ‘rich’ is not always about being financially rich, but rather about if you’re healthy, happy, and you genuinely feel good, and I want women to feel rich all the time.”

Jessica Rich