We exist for when the trend is over.

Black Owned Everything is more than just a platform or marketplace. What started as an Instagram page has become a movement; a medium for creating meaningful and long-lasting participation between Black business, community, and excellence. It is not ephemeral, trend-based, or short-lived. 

Our mission is to elevate the visibility of Black owned brands.

Black businesses have fought exclusion, systematic oppression, and active disenfranchisement for decades. Our goal is to change the narrative and to invite you to support Black owned businesses, celebrate Black creators, and participate in an inclusive, unified community” - Zerina Akers

Founded by Zerina Akers.

First-generation Maryland bred stylist and costume designer Zerina Akers has long been a familiar name to fashion insiders but her cultural impact has never been more evident. Zerina Akers has contributed to some of the most iconic imagery of our time. Akers has used her career platform to seamlessly bridge the gap between independent brands and commercial opportunities to lead them to success solidifying her name as one of the most recognized names in fashion.